Early Music in Lockdown with Jamulus
Meeting Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at 6pm

Most of us know that making music over the internet is not possible with systems like Zoom, (because of something called latency).  People have been recording their parts solo, then mixing them into video performances.

Well, now we can make real harmony online.  We have been testing Jamulus, which minimizes latency and enables us to sing or play together in very nearly the usual way.  We’d love you to join us.  Music can be fun again!

– Robin


  • Install Jamulus and run it.
  • Click Connect; then choose Genre Classical/Folk/Choir from the List selection.
  • Choose OEMF from the list and click Connect.
  • There is a Chat feature in case you are not being heard or don’t want to interrupt.

Jamulus has excellent documentation, helpful discussion fora and a download page.  Start here.  Setting it up can be straightforward or a struggle, depending on what technology you have.  The community is extremely helpful for those who need it.  The software has versions for Windows, Mac and Linux and a brand new Jamulus OS.