A message to organisers of early music concerts, workshops, courses and festivals.

We have recently re-organised how we deal with information for the website, and our quarterly “SWEMF Diary” then uses that same information to go on paper.

To help us to help you, please note the following.

Local Concerts

As well as our own SWEMF Events, we publicise local concerts that have a significant Early Music content or interest. Local means within, or close to, the South West of England. We cannot include concerts from elsewhere, unless they are very special and worthy of making an exception.

The best way to let us know about a local concert is to use the form on our website:
(You’ll find it at the bottom of the “What’s On” menu.)
Events submitted here will be reviewed before being published, so they will not appear on the website immediately.

Alternatively, you can send the information to our News Editor – news@swemf.org.uk

Everything else – Early Music Diary website

All participatory events, such as workshops and courses, should be sent to the separate Early Music Diary website, using the contact page at https://earlymusicdiary.org.uk/contact/

Our quarterly SWEMF Diary uses this national resource for its event listings, in addition to our own local events and concerts.

New Roles

All information gathering is now handled by our News Editor: news@swemf.org.uk
Please use this email address for all correspondence relating to website or diary content.

The old roles of Web Editor and Diary Editor are now rolled into one, mainly focussed on the technical aspects of website and diary production. The old email addresses are similarly amalgamated, so if you send something to both I get it twice! If you are experiencing problems with the website, or have a suggestion to improve it, please use: webeditor@swemf.org.uk

Rick Fitzsimmons – SWEMF Web/Diary Editor.