SWEMF workshop
29 July 2023

It was disappointing that the event planned for 29th July, covering 17th and 18th century Roman composers under direction of Peter Leech, had to be cancelled for lack of sufficient support to make it financially viable …….. but SWEMF members came to the rescue!

Jonathan Tribe researched and provided music.
Jenny Tribe provided refreshments.
Chris Lovell ably directed.

So the eighteen singers assembled in St Mary’s Church Hall were able to enjoy an informal singing day.

We started with the well-known O quam gloriosum by Victoria and two pieces by Palestrina, thus covering the later 16th century. Then representing the 17th century, we attempted lesser known works by Allegri and Carissimi, and in the next century, met Casali, Pitoni and Giorgi, whose Offertorio per la Dominica delle Palme was the most bizarre and (intentionally!) dissonant piece.

At the end of the afternoon, we sang through all ten pieces, including the double choir Ave Maria by Victoria.

Very many thanks to Jonathan, Jenny and Chris, and to all who took part in this very worthwhile enterprise.

Althea Hamlyn