In response to widespread concert cancellations since March 2020, former City director and classical music lover Tina Vadaneaux has founded a new charity, Continuo Foundation (“Continuo”). Established in October 2020, Continuo Foundation will give grants which create work for freelance musicians and aims to draw upon innovative thinking and technology to help period-instrument ensembles improve long-term sustainability post-Covid-19.

Since its inception, Continuo has attracted the enthusiastic patronage of Dame Emma Kirkby, Sir Roger Norrington and Rachel Podger and recruited a team of professionals from music, business and media, all contributing their time to the organisation pro bono. Continuo has recently reached the first of many fundraising milestones, having raised £100,000 in just three months, and is now open for grant applications from period-instrument ensembles across the UK.

Further details can be found on the Continuo Foundation Website, and the Continuo Foundation Facebook Page.