In these difficult times we can’t make music with friends and colleagues so I’ve been digging out my solo flute music.  Flute playing was a popular pastime in the eighteenth century and a number of pocket-sized collections of music were published for the instrument.

Here’s a little home video of excerpts from three of the collections and a version of the Hallelujah Chorus from ‘Harrison’s New German Flute Magazine’ (no relation!) of 1787.  Enjoy the video!

I’m hoping through the video to raise funds for the Railway Children Charity. The Charity supports street children in India, Africa and also has refuges in the UK. Recently I spent some days working with the organisation in Delhi and I now know from personal experience what excellent, committed and caring work is done.  Please make a donation if you can:

I can make copies of the music featured on the video if anyone’s interested.

With best wishes, stay safe and keep making music,

Peter Harrison