We all miss playing ensemble music, so we at The City Musick have spent several weeks remotely recording and preparing some of our favourite pieces for various combinations of wind, brass and reed instruments — so you can play along with us!

The new CCK Music Store contains a selection of music we have recorded in a “music-minus-a-part” style, which we will continue to augment with new play-along pieces on a regular basis. The instrumentation is deliberately varied, including mixed consorts of cornetts, shawms, dulcians and sackbuts, whole consorts of recorders, shawms and crumhorns and other combinations. You don’t have to have one of the specified instruments in order to play along, as the parts can be played on any instrument of your choice! The aim is for you to enjoy, albeit virtually, playing music with others — in this case some of the finest performers of historic music around.

Click here to visit the online store.