Sing the Score with I Fagiolini

A new series of videos coming out once a week where a Fagiolini track is played with the score appearing simultaneously.  Currently we have two Monteverdi madrigals and you can play the thing as many times as you like so can work at your own speed.  We would ask that anyone using this FREE resource agrees to subscribe to the series (there’s a button to press underneath).  It’s free and you can unsubscribe at any time but we need to get our numbers up if it’s to be worth our producing these things.

I Fagiolini Channel on YouTube

This is quite a resource for early music and choral enthusiasts.  There are about 23 short films of performances up here (Monteverdi, Gabrieli et al) but as well as that, all sorts of interviews and clips of your favourite singers and players.  If you’ve not seen it before, the 5 mins showing 67 players working on the Striggio 40-part Mass is quite a thing:

If anyone wants to make a little donation given the current crisis then a small donation would be great, but the main thing is for people to SUBSCRIBE and to share with each other.

Any donations (money straight to the musicians):

I Fagiolini Charitable Trust
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– Robert Hollingworth (Director – I Fagiolini)