Workshop directed by David Allison

Gloucester Cathedral; 11th May 2019
Joint Workshop with BMEMF

On a lovely sunny day, Gloucester Cathedral was looking wonderful, with the forecourt, previously simply a car park area, newly renovated. There were more treats in store, since the workshop was held in the stunning Parliament Room attached to the Cathedral, a trio of spaces with barn-like high open beams, an ancient mural and wonderful wood panelling in an inner room. Nearly 70 singers enjoyed there a day of education and entertainment, led by David Allinson.

Parliament Room Exterior - photo by Venetia Caine
Parliament Room Interior - photo by Venetia Caine

Education was in the form of information from David about three celebrated composers of the later 16th century: Manuel Cardoso, Duarte Lobo and Filipe de Magalhaes (pronunciation of whose name caused some difficulty and amusement). In turn, we worked on motets by all three, and on Cardoso’s Requiem a6 and part of his Missa miserere mihi Domine. David’s direction was at all times clear, calm and kindly, so that little pressure was felt, although some of the music was challenging. Concentration on the music was lightened by entertaining anecdotes from David based on his previous visit to Evora and sundry other musical travels and events.

David Allinson - photo by Marna Gowan
David Allinson - photo by Marna Gowan

The smooth running of the day was evidence of the efficient preparation by John Wren and the Border Marches EMF team, including the ladies who kept us well supplied with tea, coffee and lovely biscuits. Many thanks to all.

Attenders, some of whom had long journeys, must have gone home well pleased with a most enjoyable and valuable day, as I did.

– Althea Hamlyn