Workshop directed by Tim Bayley

Gloucester Cathedral, 16th March 2019

Once again in the lovely setting of the Parliament Room at Gloucester Cathedral, we had a very successful day’s playing under the baton of Tim Bayley of the York Waits. Tim has given us this annual treat for several years now and has got to know many of the players and to appreciate the standard of playing he can expect. With a wide range of recorders, reeds and brass he brought music that was satisfying for all. This year he brought music for 2, 3 and 4 choirs, which meant that he could use the recorder players as a separate choir or to give contrast in the top part of a choir. With remarkably little fuss we all managed to be given suitable music and be ready to play. And thank heavens for people with tablets. At one point, as we played happily on, the conducting faltered as Tim turned a page to find that the rest of the score was missing. However, the music was quickly found on the internet and the tablet passed to Tim to complete the piece.

I think that everyone enjoyed the day including several people new to this type of music. We hope to see more of them in the future.

– Fenella Spiers